Mounting system for quick installment of Deemeed Explorer Medium and TUBE MEDIUM

MA94L_EXPM - left side, MA94R_EXPM - right side

The set consists of:

  • the base (shaped to fit Exp M and Tube M)
  • 2 bushings
  • 2 short screws, 2 long screws
  • weight: 2.50 kg

The design of the mounting structure is dedicated to EXPLORER MEDIUM (available in three designs) and TUBE MEDIUM (available in three designs).


  • The whole metal structure is detachable along with the bags.
  • For everyday use, with no bags attached, the only visible parts installed on the motorcycle are very discreet small bushings.
  • The locks used in the system are protected with anti dust layer against elements like mud or dust.
  • The key is only removable in the locked position, which assures that the system is always locked when in use.
  • The mounting structure is protected by the patent: OHIM 001688003-0001
  • TUV certificate nr – pending

See how to install it

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