DEEMEED Claw Phone holder


Universal handlebar phone holder for motorcycles.
Dedicated to all waterproof phones.

  • Currently most of the mobile phones are water resistant with IP67. It’s not necessary to create waterproof cases just for the phones.
    Navigation for motorcycle Smartphones do not cost fortune this days, and are great alternative to very costly navigation systems for motorcycles.
  • It is crucial that the phone is well attached but also easy to take off (especially when wearing riding gloves).
  • This is exactly what our DEEMEED CLAW PHONE HOLDER will do for you.
  • It is also important to mention that in many models of motorcycles which don’t have a tachometer in the center of the handlebar this is the perfect location for installing the CLAW holder. Thanks to that our navigation system will be directly aligned with our line of sight and the road in front of us. Because of that we will be able to focus more on handling the motorcycle without taking eyes of the road.



The holder is build as two claws joined together:

  • first, to attach it to the handlebar – adjustable with a butterfly screw
  • second for securing the phone – adjustable with two buttons horizontally (6,30-9,00cm) and verticaly (11-17cm)
  • both claws could be very easily disattached, eg. while fueling we can remove the whole system from the bike with one swift motion