Alarm Lock Chrome

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alarm_lock_110  alarm_lock_dedicated  alarm_lock_disc

Big and solid lock with an alarm. Because of the size and rough appearance the lock is intimidating to the potential thieves. Hardened steel lock shackle .3 keys in the set. Silver color. The lock has two modes which are activated by removing the lock shackle and turning it by 180 degrees before putting it back into the base.

Regular lock mode

Alarm lock mode

  • Size: 98x71x33.5 mm
  • Thickness of the shackle: 10 mm
  • Alarm loudness: 110 db
  • Waterproof
  • Self-arming locking mechanism
  • Shock and movement sensor
  • 6 batteries inside the lock+6 spare ones in the package


Excelent addition to products like HELMET BAG SINGLE or DOUBLE.
The lock could be used as a disc lock in some models of motorcycles.