Adapter of quick side mounting system for V- Rod motorcycles

MA94ZL - left side, MA94ZR - right side

Three versions:

  • models up to 2012
  • models 2012-2015
  • Muscle 2015

The use of this adapter requires using mounting structures MA94L_EXP_S / MA94R_EXP_S or MA94L_EXP_M / MA94R_EXP_M.


  • In this motorcycle model there is no screws for mounting structure on the side of a fender, however there are designated points on the frame, under the fender.
  • The “Z” plate unables the installation of the mounting structures on this type of motorcycles where it is mounted under the fender.
  • The only visible part on the outside is a thin black metal strap which becomes the base for installing the bushings.

See how to install