Legendary guarantee


DEEMEED bags are made out of CorduraTM fabric and are guaranteed to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 years from the date of purchase confirmed on the sales receipt and registration on our web site. Our warranty applies when our product is used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions, and does not apply to any damage caused by typical wear and tear, unreasonable use or neglect. This warranty applies in addition to your statutory rights in relation to your local dealer. All returns will be subject to inspection and approval by DEEMEED before any repair is authorized. The terms of our guarantee obligate DEEMEED company to cover all the costs of the repairs or product exchanges excluding shipping. Pictures of the damaged products sent to at the time of the initial claim will be strongly appreciated and will help us to come up with the best solution in the shortest time possible.

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DEEMEED company provides warranty for all the products bought directly from us as well as one of our authorized dealers. DEEMEED company makes sure that all our products are made using the best quality materials and are free from any defects. If within 5 years after the purchase any defects occur, then it would be DEEMEED company responsibility to repair the product free of charge within 21 days from receiving the product. DEEMEED company reserves the right to establish the cause of the defect and reject the cases when terms and conditions of warranty are not met. After this period any repairs will become sole responsibility of the customer and the costs will not be covered by DEEMEED company. In order to be examined and repaired the product should be delivered by the customer to the authorized dealer where the product was purchased, or send directly to the distributor/DEEMEED company. The original receipt and detailed description should be attached to the product. The defective should be also delivered in condition meeting our hygienic requirements (clean). The customer has a right to demand an exchange of a defective product for a new one, only if that product has been repaired at last 2 times and despite of that it is still damaged or when DEEMEED company decides that the product in unrepairable.


All of the materials used, are very durable and resistant for the exterior factors but product warranty or service doesn’t include:

  • colour changes caused by long lasting effects of UV rays,
  • defects caused by a customer,
  • any modifications made by a customer,
  • results of incorrect conservation,
  • results of the wrong / inappropriate usage of the product,
  • wearing out of the product