The use the word “freedom”

All manufacturers of motorcycles use the word “freedom”. They are promoting their products by suggesting how much “freedom” we will enjoy by traveling on motorcycles. This is all true until we need to stop and take a break and the temperature is around 30-40 degrees C and sun is shining. Then we start to wonder what to do with all that riding gear like: helmet, jacket, kevlar jeans, protectors etc.

What about lockable boxes?

Some motorcycles come equipped with lockable boxes. The problem is that when we are traveling these boxes are usually full. This is when the HB Double or Single will come very handy. We can put in there all our stuff and safely leave it with the motorcycle.

Take the bag with you

Another option is to take the bag with us. We can load the bag with all our valuables like: phone, valet, camera, gps system, tablet and than just wear it on our shoulder like a marine bag and than we can lock it around any solid structure at our final destination: beach, pool etc.

Designated for all, who don’t enjoy caring their belongings with them at all times, while they are away from their bikes.


42l capacity when unfolded

Put your helmet, jacket, and valuable stuff in to HELMET BAG

Feed the line through the front wheel. Then secure the bag to your bike with steel cable and lock.

Hang the HELMET BAG upside down on the handle bar to make it waterproof.

There is also another option … On a shoulder as a marine bag,

secure it to any solid structure (tree, lamp post, ect.).
Now you can relax – take a nap, go to swim, ect.

When you’re done simply compress the bag and put it into a small transport bag.

Now It’s so small that you can mount it on your bike. ENJOY THE FREEDOM!

Folded bag attach to:

  • Side ferring
  • Handlebar
  • The fork
  • Attach to the other bag
  • Put it inside side case
  • Luggage rack
  • Sissy bar